Übergoat iPad
® unCase

Made from 100% wool cashmere reclaimed sweaters.

Fully lined with genuine glass-cleaning optical cloth.

Limited Edition colors, textures and patterns.

conVerd Board stand included with each unCase.

Fits iPad®, iPad®2 and iPad Mini®

Protect your Apple device without hiding its award winning design.

Let us make our case… Jon, Steve, et al. didn’t spend a lavish amount of time poring over the design details of your iPad® hoping it would end up stuck covered in plastic. Your “iDevice’s” museum-worthy design was meant to be cradled in your hands to fully realize all of its tactile splendor. Set your Apple device free to allow your eyes to be mesmerized by its tight intertwining of form and function embodied in a simple yet elegant glass and steel housing. A Limited Edition Übergoat unCase protects your iPad without compromise. That most treasured of double fleece wool from the neck & nether regions of Capra aegagrus hircus (the domestic Kashmir goat) is a luxury to hold and behold. The unCases’ optical cloth lining rub-a-dub-dubs away fingerprints and smudges. Together they work to safeguard your device from life’s hard knocks. The fully recycled conVerd Board™ stand is easily assembled to display your iPad® vertically or horizontally.
Available in Limited Edition colors, textures and patterns. Made in the U.S. Note: The iPad® Übergoat unCase will accommodate an iPad® wearing Apple’s Smart Cover.

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