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Protection without compromise.

Apple’s award-winning product designs are displayed in museums of art1MoMA.
An Übergoat unCase allows you to safeguard your device without concealing its elegant design. The luxurious 100% wool cashmere exterior offers a resilient buffer while the genuine optical cloth lining polishes the glass surface of your device both coming and going.

Easy on the environment.

Übergoat unCases are made from previously owned sweaters. We carefully cut apart each laundered sweater and give it a second life as a 100% cashmere unCase. From the recycled tissue and shredded paper that we collect locally to the reusable box and recycled shipping flat, we make every effort to reuse and recycle.

One of a kind.

Each Übergoat unCase is a numbered limited edition. No two sweaters are alike, being of different brand, color and texture. We carefully craft every unCase with special attention to detail, striving to incorporate the existing beauty of a singular sweater into our simple design.

Homebaked with Pride.

All Übergoat products are made in the US. Übergoat employs local skilled Americans and individuals with disabilities and pays above the minimum wage.

Built to last.

The quality of materials and the skilled workmanship is guaranteed. The simplicity of an Übergoat unCase accommodates both old and new Apple devices without alteration.


Undeniably the finest of woven fabrics, imagine the luxury of super plush 100% cashmere with you at all times in your favorite color, knit pattern or design. A distinctive Übergoat unCase defines your personality and becomes your device’s new best friend.

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